CCP’s overnight change from zero-covid to zero-support, an attempt to COVID-wash ethnic cleansing of minorities?


The conclusion of the 20th National People’s Party Congress which solidified President Xi Jinping position as the ‘King’ of the People’s Republic of China was believed to be the silver lining for Xi Jinping’s China. However, what we have witnessed since then is a resistance from the people even including the Han Chinese people who came out in the thousands, criticizing the Chinese Communist Party and its government. It all began in late October in Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet where the people including Tibetan were continuously frustrated due to the discriminatory polices applied towards the Tibetans when it came to the Zero-Covid Policy. This very policy instigated Tibetans being killed and eventually reached its boiling point when the Tibetans along with the Chinese migrant workers in Lhasa, staged a protest against the CCP. This was the first major protest taking over the capital city of Tibet, Lhasa since the 2008

Beijing Olympics protest:

This was followed up by the Bridgeman protest in China, whose whereabouts is unknown currently and the mass Chinese protests in late November when a fire killed a family under quarantine in Urumqi. The month also saw Chinese Workers in the Apple factory at Zhengzhou city protesting against the unpaid wages and forced application of strict surveillance in light of the zero-covid policy.

Actions by the CCP:

The culmination of all this led to major protests throughout China right from the east to the west, including the major cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xi’an, Wuhan etc. Chants of ‘Xi Jinping, Step Down’, ‘Communist party, Step Down’, ‘Rise up, Rise up’ and many others were uttered by the Chinese people openly for the first time in such huge numbers since the 1989 Tiananmen Massacre. The CCP for the first time in several decades were confronted with an angry, robust and un-ventilated public over their very polices, which now led to them publicly venting their frustration and calling out the government and its leaders.

What happened next was something unforeseen and it saw CCP government immediately calling off the major restrictions it had setup in its zero-covid policy. But was this the end of it? certainly not, and it showed to the world how lacking and unprepared the Chinese medical infrastructure is. Their unwillingness to not only accept this fact and declining help from foreign nations including the sending of vaccines is totally ridiculous. This action and gesture by China, the CCP and its leader Xi Jinping clearly indicates to us that they do not care and revere the lives of the Chinese and other nationalities but give more impetus towards its reputation.

Tibetans, Tibet and the zero-covid fiasco:

When it comes to the zero-covid policy that was implemented in territories under the PRC, there was a clear non indifference in its application especially in the occupied territories of Tibet. Here through the advent of social media, Tibetans inside Tibet were able to unshackle themselves from the infamous Chinese firewall (Censorship mechanism) and share the inhumane situation in Tibet in light of the quarantine and others measures enforced due to president Xi’s magnus opus policy (zero-covid). Videos circulating in social media shared by Tibetans showed how even in the big cities of Lhasa and Shigatse there were lack of staffs, food, medical consumables and infrastructures. The ground situation in Tibet which saw Tibetans pushed to take their lives was validated when the mayor of Lhasa publicly apologized for the administrative handling even though the blame must solely lie with president Xi Jinping who remained staunch even after witnessing the failures of his covid policy.

It was only after the Han Chinese masses came out in numbers protesting the CCP regime and its handling of covid that the Xi government did a U-Turn here and lifted restrictions. And something that was missed by several medias here is how the CCP discreetly was silencing and punishing those who had taken part in these protests against the government. Tibetan women namely Zamkar, Kelsang Dolma, Dechen and Delha all in their 20’s was arrested for their participation in protest against the government in Chengdu. On a lighter note, more than 1,100 social media accounts on Weibo (similar to twitter but has far greater influence in terms of market influence and user numbers) were punished by imposing permanent and temporary bans of their accounts because they were critics of the government’s handling of Covid. Unfortunately, instead of taking cognizance of how the world has and continues to handle the Covid pandemic, China adopted measures that instead of preventing the spread of the virus further exacerbated it leading to a surge in Covid related deaths in Tibet and throughout China after the covid restrictions were lifted.

Apparatus Covid eradicating Tibetans:

Beijing is now using the Covid, the very virus which was created in the labs of Wuhan as an apparatus to kill and eradicate the Tibetans out of Tibet. According to Radio Free Asia more than 100 people alone have died in Lhasa due to Covid since Beijing lifted its zero-covid policy restrictions. It is also reported how cemeteries are filling up all over China including Tibet due to unprecedented death due to Covid. International health experts predict at least one million Covid related deaths in China this year alone. In such a predicament of Covid frenzy Beijing has naughtily allowed its citizens to travel, leading to several countries adopting test requirements on arrivals from China as they try to prevent the spread of their virus in their respective countries.

And this very same tactic of spreading Covid and eventually killing individuals and bringing misery to families is being adopted by Beijing to Tibet. The Chinese tourism department announced that on 1st January, 2023 a new round of its Winter Tour campaign to Tibet which attracts more than 10 million Chinese from China. This package includes free tickets to Lhasa’s Potala Palace and other major sites in Tibet and will run till 13th March.

With covid related deaths only continuing to surge in Lhasa, Tibet and China. This tactic of spreading the covid virus in Tibet is aimed at not improving the economic situation but further spread of this virus in Tibet and to eventually eradicate the Tibetans in Tibet.

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