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Voices Against Autocracy (VAA) is a private, non-governmental organisation based in Vienna, Austria. It has been created with a mandate to deliver uncensored, domestic news and information related to China, Tibet, Xinjiang, North Korea and Uyghur, where the rights of people have been suppressed and media is under complete censorship. The news would be presented in two languages viz., German and English.

Solomon Islands PM Sogavare commands largest bloc in Parliament after election
North Korea sends officials to Iran amid suspected military cooperation
Activists interrupt Chinese ambassador's Harvard speech
European parliament passes law banning forced labor products
Hong Kong schools ban books, warn teachers not to get 'political'
Analysts: US missile deployment expected to assist Philippines’ defense
Students, residents pressed into North Korean construction projects
Tensions simmer near a shoal both China and the Philippines claim
Tibetans say compensation for Chinese land grab is too low
Uyghur butcher served 7 years in jail for urging friends not to drink alcohol or smoke
INTERVIEW: ‘There's exposure across Wall Street’
Smuggling of used cars into North Korea rises amid post-COVID demand
China urges citizens to buy new appliances to boost consumer spending
Apple takes down WhatsApp, Threads from China app store
Philippines, US launch yearly large-scale military exercises
North Korea files short-range ballistic missiles toward east coast: South
Hong Kong loses ground as top container port amid change in status
Blinken to visit China amid claims about Russia support