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Voices Against Autocracy (VAA) is a private, non-governmental organisation based in Vienna, Austria. It has been created with a mandate to deliver uncensored, domestic news and information related to China, Tibet, Xinjiang, North Korea and Uyghur, where the rights of people have been suppressed and media is under complete censorship. The news would be presented in two languages viz., German and English.

China faces high childbirth cost as population shrinks, growth slows
N Korea ‘attempts’ to hack Russian foreign ministry: report
Hong Kong official slams groups' criticism of new security law
Thai judge accepts Uyghur bomb suspects request for Halal food
Yunnan mosque gets pagodas and party slogans in Chinese makeover
Biden unveils $20 billion for US port security
N Korea erases term ‘unification’ from Pyongyang metro station name
China calls for mindset change to grow, end ‘lying flat’ bureaucracy
North Koreans gather cigarette butts to sell after large public events
‘Stop harassing’ Chinese students, Beijing tells US
'A tough future like that is hard to think about'
Group launches legal center to fight China's 'long-arm' enforcement
Dutch government withdraws permits for ASML to export to China
Soccer legend Messi explains again his Hong Kong sit-out in video
Taiwan-China row heats up after Kinmen incident
N Korean leader receives a luxurious car gift from Putin: state media
Younger Chinese feeling disconnected from family
‘The whole trip was a complete shock and surprise.’
China lures Palau with economic incentives to break ties with Taiwan
Cross-Strait tensions risk rising after Kinmen incident
Enraged N Korean workers in China beat factory manager to death: report