Failed Zero-Covid Policy and mis-information on COVID-19 angers Chinese people


Chinese people are getting furious whenever they watch FIFA matches these days as that make them worried about their lives. They are living under strict restrictions while the rest of the world has gone back to living normal life. The stadiums in Qatar are crowded with fans coming from different parts of the world and they are celebrating the game without any restrictions, even masks. On other hand, the Covid-19 situation is getting serious every passing day in China. Chinese government extending the scope of the Zero Covid policy despite it being called ineffective has infuriated Chinese people. Doubts are being raised over Beijing government’s failure to contain corona virus spread when the rest of the world has managed to do so.

When Covid-19 started in China in late 2019, many scientists and countries had raised questions over the origin of corona virus. However, Beijing tried to hide crucial information about fatal disease and its origin. Even after the corona virus pandemic killed millions across the world in the past three years, China government has chosen not to disclose information about the origin of Covid-19 yet. Early warnings and sharing of vital information would have helped to bring the outbreak under control much earlier and save many lives, scientists believe.

US Consulate in Wuhan had sensed in October 2019 that the viral infection was not normal as it continued to worsen. Schools had begun to shut down abruptly while healthcare facilities saw increased activities. US spy agencies had come across information about severe health crisis evolving in China. Yet, Chinese government continued to maintain studious silence. After things went out of hand, Beijing announced Covid19 outbreak in December-end. However, it never revealed the source of Covid-19 infections.

China was blamed for hiding the real number of Covid-19 deaths in the country. In the past, it ridiculed the countries that were struggling with the rising number of Covid-19 cases and praised its efforts to contain the pandemic in a short time. Over 6.6 million people died globally after getting infected with corona virus. Fortunately, almost every country on the planet has got rid of Covid-19 now. China however is an exception. Despite the strict lockdowns and regulations under controversial ‘Zero Covid’ policy, China is failing to prevent corona virus infections. The cases are rising rapidly across the country. This has frustrated Chinese people as their lives are constantly under restrictions that they call “inhuman”.

China government has no answers to their concerns and questions about the end of Covid-19 in China. Rather it is blamed for focusing on cover ups. The communist government in Beijing has maintained secrecy in the entire Covid-19 episode, which led to fatal consequences, reveals investigative report by Washington Post. It revealed how Beijing government kept a mum and did not warn people despite knowing the fatal corona virus high human-to-human transmission rate.

Now thousands of new Covid-19 cases are reported in China every day. While people are clueless, the Chinese agencies are not revealing anything about the disease and new infection. Harsh conditions are however being imposed on people’s movement. Major cities of Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Guangzhou are witnessing a surge in new cases and imposition of strict lockdowns, which are causing distress among people.

Frustrated people are sharing the inconvenience and problem they are facing on different social media platforms. Notwithstanding punitive action by government agencies, Chinese people are holding protests on street. They are openly questioning authorities about handling of the health crisis, which is unusual in authoritarian China. They are finding ways to evade China sensors. One Chinese person questioned government on social media platform Weibo. “We had to lock down in April, and then again in November. The government hasn’t provided subsidies—do you think my rent doesn’t cost money?”

There is anger among Chinese people over their government’s failure to bring the Covid-19 under control and make their lives normal again, especially when the rest of world is back to normalcy. And the ongoing football event has aggravated their concerns. “Who has stolen my life? I won’t say,” said on Weibo user. Another user wrote “The World Cup has allowed most Chinese people to see the real situation abroad, and worry about the economy of the motherland, and their own youth.”

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